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Close calls and controversial decisions are better left to admins. Proposed deletion The proposed deletion process applies to articles and files that do not meet the stringent criteria for speedy deletion, but for which it is believed that deletion would be uncontroversial. WhatLinksHere may show that the page is an oft-referred part of the encyclopedia, or may show other similar pages that warrant deletion. Common outcomes See also: Wikipedia:Guide to deletion  Recommendations and outcomes, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes, and Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Common outcomes A deletion discussion may end with one of a number of distinct outcomes, with certain outcomes being more common at certain deletion discussion venues. Delete All A rough consensus to remove (i.e. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Miscellany for deletion (MfD) All pages, except redirects, in the Book Draft Help Portal MediaWiki Wikipedia : (including WikiProjects User TimedText Education Program Topic Gadget Gadget definition Talk and the various X talk : namespaces. In general, administrators are responsible for closing these discussions, though non-administrators in good standing may close them under specific conditions. In this process, an editor places a tag on the article or the file, and any editor can remove the tag to save the page. Although the steps for closing deletion discussions vary from one deletion discussion venue to another, a few general principles apply at all venues. This similarly applies to deletion nominations as well; if no editor suggests that the corresponding article should be kept, then redirection is an option. For instructions on handling articles and files that have been proposed for deletion, see Wikipedia:Proposed deletion#Deletion. Note: Office actions and declarations from the, wikimedia Foundation Board or the system administrators, particularly concerning copyright, legal issues, or server load, may take priority over community consensus.

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Before deleting a page through the speedy deletion process, verify that it meets at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion, check the page history to assess whether it would instead be possible to revert and salvage a previous. For instructions on nominating a page for deletion, please refer to the deletion policy or the, guide to deletion. Exception: closing your own withdrawn nomination as a speedy keep, when all other viewpoints were for keep as well. For example: Nominations which are clearly an attempt to end an editing dispute through deletion (possibly in an attempt to game the system when dispute resolution would be a more appropriate course. Deletion requested by subject Deletion discussions concerning biographies of living persons who are relatively unknown, non-public figures, where the subject has requested deletion and there is no rough consensus to keep, may be closed as 'delete' per the deletion. Usually, both closing and relisting are administrator actions. Exception: a non-administrator may close a TfD as orphan. Therefore, in general, debates should not be relisted more than twice. Remember to assume good faith in your tone the participants may well intend to help by doing what they think is right. Never close a discussion as a wrong venue without opening a discussion at an appropriate one. If you wish to merge templates or categories, use the deletion discussions. This can sometimes happen when a topic attracts high levels of attention from those engaged (or having a specific view) but slower attention from other less involved editors, perhaps with other points of view. Relisting discussions "Wikipedia:Relisting" redirects here.

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applies to pages which meet at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion, which specify the only cases in which administrators have broad consensus support to, at their discretion, bypass deletion discussion and immediately delete Wikipedia pages or media. Before deleting a page through the speedy deletion process, verify that it meets at least. The tallest building in Denver is the 56-story Republic Plaza, which rises 714 feet (218 m) and was completed in 1984. Euro Escort Eskorte Forum Toppløse norske kjendiser triana iglesias toppløs / Ssbbw Pene nakne jenter swingers - Swingers i norge erotiske It stands as the 109th-tallest building in the United States, and the tallest building in the state of e second-tallest skyscraper in the city and the state is 1801 California Street, which rises 709 feet (216 m). Twenty-nine of the thirty tallest buildings. Thai massage porn thai massage södertälje.

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Closures may only be reopened by the closer themselves, an uninvolved administrator in their individual capacity, giving their reasoning, or by consensus at deletion review. Requested moves (RM) While primarily for renaming (moving) pages, may result in deletion (e.g. Venue inappropriate (e.g., a file hosted on Commons, category or redirect at AFD, or discussions that the chosen venue is unable to address) List the topic at the correct venue, notify the nominator, and close the discussion and provide a link to the new discussion. Not delete) a page, though not necessarily in its current form. If Wikipedia essays are nominated, they will sometimes be moved to userspace if they are found to violate policies or guidelines. Not IPs) may close discussions, with the following provisions: Like all discussions, deletion discussions must be decided in accordance with consensus and Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Speedy sarpsborg by free norwegian sex deletion, the speedy deletion process applies to pages which sarpsborg by free norwegian sex meet at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion, which specify the only cases in which administrators have broad consensus support to, at their discretion, bypass deletion discussion and. quot;ng page content in the deletion summary may be helpful, but must not be done for attack content or copyrighted text. Categories deletion is required to change the name. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Files for discussion (FfD) Files (most of which are images ). It can sometimes be better to allow a few extra days even if current discussion seems very clearly to hold one opinion, to be sure that it really will be a snowball and as a courtesy to be sure. If a page is not appropriate for speedy deletion, the page must be edited to remove the speedy deletion tagthis will, in turn, remove the page from Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. Retarget Redirects This means that the redirect should lead to a different page. Transwiki If consensus indicates a transwiki should take place, but you do not want to complete the transwiki process immediately: Add a new entry to Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Old/Transwiki. In some circumstances, a page may be speedily deleted if it meets strict criteria set by consensus. Then, if there are legitimate concerns, please use Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors to have the link removed before nominating the article. When deleting a page through the speedy deletion process, specify the reason for deletion in the deletion summary so that it will be recorded into the deletion log. Deletion discussions The deletion discussion processes apply to pages which are formally nominated for deletion through an appropriate deletion discussion venue. Frivolous or vexatious nominations (recently featured articles, for example). Nominations which are made solely to provide a forum for disruption (this includes editor harassment ). Consider notifying the editor who suggested deletion.

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2 Discussions where there is minimal participation should be evaluated by the closing administrator as an expired prod before deciding whether it is appropriate to relist. A deletion discussion that is poorly formatted should not be closed for this reason alone, in order to avoid biting new users. To implement a 'no consensus' outcome: close the deletion discussion as 'no consensus edit the page to remove the deletion notice; and record the outcome on the page's talk page using one of several venue-specific templates (see ' Step-by-step instructions ' for details). The closer should make it clear the deletion is a soft delete as part of the close, ideally with a link to this guideline. Such deletions can be requested of stewards at meta:Steward requests/Miscellaneous. Categories require a different method than other pages: Non-category pages renaming is achieved using the page move function without deletion.

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Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Templates for discussion (TfD) Pages in the Template : and Module : namespaces, excluding stub templates, userboxes, and redirects. Common options include, but are not limited to: relisting the discussion (see the section ' Relisting discussions closing as "no consensus" with no prejudice against speedy renomination ( npasr closing in favour of the nominator's stated proposal; soft deleting the article. Move (non-category pages or Rename (categories) All Issues to be addressed by changing the page title (and perhaps then expanding or improving its content). The deletion process encompasses the processes involved in implementing and recording the community's decisions to delete or keep pages and media. Disambiguation pages excluding redirects. Common outcomes Outcome Commonly used for Details Keep All A rough consensus to retain (i.e. No quorum "WP:Soft Deletion" redirects here. It can sometimes be useful to provide a brief explanatory note, to make the rationale for the decision clear this is especially true in heated and high public profile cases, or where many views will be given little weight. Deletion venues Deletion venues (or deletion forums ) are the six places to propose a page not eligible for speedy deletion be deleted: Deletion venues Discussion type Scope Reasons for deletion / Starting a discussion note 1 / Closing instructions Articles for deletion (AfD) Articles.

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Enkelt dato svart sex video hd Merge Articles, categories, templates This combines two separate pages into a single page. Sock-puppetry : If blatant, individual comments may be tagged (this is likely to be seen as lacking good faith or offensive if the case is not clear). If the former was the case, politely tell the nominator to properly start a new discussion with the correct title, and the time they start the new discussion will be treated cheap outcall escorts hung escort as the nomination time. Not retain) a page, including its entire revision history.
Hemmelig kamera dusj sex fetish nettstedet Editors reopening discussions are advised to notify the original closer. The page log may have information about previous deletions that could warrant salting the page or keeping. If there mature thai escort eskort stockholm are clearly none, or the nomination is disruptive, the nomination page should be closed early (see 'speedy close. See this July 2015 discussion.
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