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Another time Jim was stood near the duty bunk in full mess dress unable to get changed and cursing, the duty lads trying to assist but getting nowhere quickly, Jim didn't give a monkey's, great laugh. Carruthers later joined the Parachute Regiment, but not for long! Sid may have been the 2nd in command, but he sure as hell was a still sergeant major at heart, and greatly respected too. A few of the lads used to moonlight at a local slaughterhouse in Malmesbury, just down the road from camp. However, I managed to get fit again and played Football, Squash and Boxed for the unit, (no I didn't volunteer for Boxing). Eventually I told Doc Mary (The MO) I wanted to see an Osteopath, (Tex Roberts advised me to say that but could not parachute again due to a Ruptured Disc, (RAF decision the RAF surgeons sorted that out, maybe. Sid Pincher had booked rooms in the airport hotel, not anything fancy, just basic, this was located more or less on the surrounding track around the airfield, but Ricky Ginn (Platoon Commander) wouldn't let us use. City P D AZ Driver - 5,000 sign ON bonus New Driver's Welcome We are looking for a City P D Driver for our Timmins, ON location. On the way back to hullavington we always (by pure chance) happened to stop overnight at Bicester, nothing to do with the fact it was a disco night or there were wrac girls there?, Titch, a driver attached. Exercise Bold Guard was held in Germany in the Keil area northern central part of the country, there was two main drops, day night, the RAF load masters (Loady's) were a bit worried about the close proximity of the aircraft when the drop went. Sadly no longer with us due to cancer. However, after discharge Jim came back, he came into the crew room and ordered a tea, looked around and growled, then left, never to be seen again, (Phew). Roy Topham an Royal Engineers (Chippy - Carpenter) attached to heavy drop was quite mad (still is probably him and Jim McClelland (Shell-shock) used to have regular "knees up" in their little workshop Friday afternoons, then emerge some time. Some of us went down with food poisoning, a local choggie waller came to the ranges selling 7 Up and cheese banjo's (Rolls Babyface, myself and several others were really sick with Sickness Runs (can't spell Diarrhoea. Sometime early in the morning Dick Carr Barry Day decided for some strange reason to cut the legs off some dead sheep they'd buried earlier that day, (Ran Over they tried to cook the legs and start selling.

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he would line us all up, shortest on the right, tallest. Voc decided sometime in 1977 to apply for redundancy, he was relocating back to Fiji, only snag was he couldn't take more than 300 out of the UK under the then rules, again not a happy teddy, absolute mountain of a man, but very pleasant. I found out later that one of the other heavy drop lads had met my "friend" from Swindon, he told her his name was Bowden of 1 Para, this of course was pure unadulterated bollo*s, I have a feeling I know who it was lol. We were unfortunate to have a bloke called clint posted in from Bicester, a complete knobhead, but HE thought he was the ladies man, constantly trying (and Failing) to chat up the wraf's. If you are professional, dedicated, skilled and looking for a career, not just a job, apply to join our team. Bob Hughes got promoted to Sergeant, one Wednesday afternoon when the troops were on Sports the senior NCO's decided on a session in the mess, Bob was worse for wear, he decided to sleep it off. We had some time off and went to the beach where we all had a swim (Skinny dipping but then discovered we were surrounded by jellyfish!, not wanting to get our valuable bits burnt with acid we got out very. Neil Slater Brian Cramp were ardent Man United supporters from Salford, they asked Malcolm Bowering and myself if we fancied a trip to Southampton to see them play United in a relegation match, so off we went. We had to move the wet carpets into the hanger, then in their wisdom Mr Cyril, Bob (the Cat) Chapman and the rest of us decided to p*ss in Urco's office to our relief, big Mick couldn't understand the. Sid Pincher was a Heavy Drop man through and through as a former CSM of the unit he was still the main man in control, he rarely lost his temper, but when he did, stand well clear, I remember. Sid told us we all needed extra fitness training and he would lead by example by walking home with a full bergen, the thing was as he walked past Jim McConnachie's office we all laughed as the.

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I was feeling really fit until after the first week. Jim McConnachie was fond of the odd tipple now and then (well quite a lot actually he turned up on parade one day and as usual stood next to the flagpoles with a big cheesy grin on his face. I later spent a month at the Joint Services Rehabilitation Centre at RAF Chessington, no, not the zoo, but depending on the wind direction could certainly smell it! Sometime a few months later Keith, Brummie Devine, Vic Bennett and a few other lads were in the Bear Hotel (Chippenham) having a drink and got into a fight with some of the locals and came 2nd. So, we yomped for a few hours trying to find a way back to camp, however, after hours of getting nowhere fast decided to get our heads down for an hour, two hours later made our way past some Greek Cypriot. We could see flares being fired by the ground safety crew aborting the drop, but it went ahead anyway, to top it all the Canalmeister got his timings wrong,.e. Mani then snapped and threatened Bill "I give you one punch, then I kill you, you Irish crap hat c before dropping Bill. I was with the advance party, Chris our cook and me were informed not to leave camp until the rest of the unit arrived, so like all good soldiers we went straight out on the p*iss in Barnstable,. If you know what I mean) X rated naturally.

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Some of us were volunteered to rig up a platform at Southend Museum over a weekend, it was the older MK 2 system, we were staying in a local B B, arriving late Friday afternoon we quickly sorted. Not too bad, full of conscripts, one of these weekend warriors asked Pip how long he's been in the army, Pip said "9 years this long haired scroat replied, "I too am a corporal, only been in 9 months". (blood on mouth he checked in the mirror then cursed "The Dirty Fu*ing Bitch" it wasn't ketchup! The nearest towns were, chippenham, Bath Swindon, in all the time I was at hullavington I never once got to see the Roman Baths, it was closed due to pollution, some of the lads decided go to Chippenham. We had some violent thunderstorms one weekend and all the power was out, barrack blocks flooded as were the hanger offices, we singly's as usual were the first to get "Rubber Dicked" not literally but volunteered to clean up the mess in the flooded offices. One of the least favorite jobs was to be nominated to Dufalite (Expanding honeycombe cardboard) and Mandrel Bashing (That's bashing Mandrels, nothing else!) soul destroying jobs, other than sweeping out the hangers.

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